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Hello, I am [Mr. o_O] (aka MisteroO, aka MisterMisteroO, aka mmmm_lemon). I am a YouTuber from Russia. I'm mostly known for my Garry's Mod animations with Team Fortress 2 characters.

This web site is dedicated to keeping my videos alive and well, since YouTube is not the best place for long-term video keeping for me.

Music is a very important part of a video, in my opinion. The right music choice can make the video much more engaging and entertaining. That's why I always prefered using music made by classic rock, jazz and pop artists (such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson etc.) in my videos, because this music suits the vibe of my videos much more than stock music or music from videogames. But unfortunatly such music usage also means that someday your video might be taken down by YouTube and there would be no way to restore it until you remove the song that caused the ban from the video. 

With this web-site I can finally store all of my stuff in one place without a need to worry that it might get deleted someday.  Here you can find all of my Gmod and SFM videos (including The Adventures of Pootis-MAN series, Spy's Creed, Joker, The Mask etc.) in good quality with closed captions and with all of the music that was intended for the videos.

Thanks for watching!

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This website is a non commercial project.

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