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Hello, I am [Mr. o_O] (aka MisteroO, aka MisterMisteroO, aka mmmm_lemon aka "how the f*** do i read this nickname"). 

I am a former YouTuber from Russia. I'm mostly known for my Garry's Mod animations with Team Fortress 2 characters. I started my channel MisterMisteroO in February of 2011. In March of 2012 I released "The Mask", the video that made me (somewhat) well known in Garry's Mod animation circles. It still remains my most well watched video at 12 million view count. In October 2012 I released "Spy's Creed", a video that gained over 4 million views (the original upload was taken down due to copyright strike, the reupload sits at 600k views as of now). In December 2012 I released "Drug Effect", another video that was a hit. It gained 1,5 million views before it was taken down due to another copyright strike (it wasn't reuploaded after that). In August 2014 I released my most ambitious video "The Adventures of Pootis-MAN. Episode 5". It gained 400k views and another 250k after a reupload. After that I did several videos on occasion, they all were relatively successful as well.

As of now, I am "retired" and I do not make videos anymore, because nothing can last forever. Especially animations about characters from 2007 video game, heh.

I've made this web-site to make my videos more available, since YouTube wasn't in favor of me for all the time I was a YouTuber. My videos were always copyright striked because I used copyrighted music. 

Why did I do so? Couldn't I just use royalty free music instead? 

Well... I could. Obviously. But that would ruin literally every single video I've ever made. Because that wouldn't be the vision I inteded. Because that would ruin the mood of the video. Because inserting The Doors song when two wacky characters fight each other is hella cool and funny. Because many other reasons.

The toll for that was risk that each video might get deleted someday from YouTube. Was it worth it? Yes, I think it was. Because now you can watch all the videos here, on my web-site, in the form they were intended to be watched with all the right music selections and stuff.

Here you can watch all of my Gmod (and some SFM) videos. Including such animations like "The Adventures of Pootis-MAN" series, "Spy's Creed", "The Mask", "Drug Effect", "Joker" and many other videos. All videos have subtitles (were they were intended to be) carefully transported from YouTube.

Thanks for watching and supporting me all these years!

And send me your thoughts throught the Contact form in the site menu, if you wish :)

Obligatory disclaimers below. 

This website is a non commercial project. I do not gain any profits from it.

All the Team Fortress 2 characters and assets belong to Valve Corp.

All music used in the videos belong to its respective copyright owners. 

All Garry's Mod mods used in the videos belong to its creators.

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