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The Adventures of Pootis-MAN. Episode 2

The Adventures of Pootis-MAN Pootis-MAN Garry's Mod Video 2011

The very first video of mine that has a somewhat coherent storyline. This is where the whole "Pootis-MAN is a superhero" shtick started its way. I was very proud of the opening scene at the time because I took many frames to make animation slightly smoother. The Matrix inspired second half feels kinda outdated now to be honest, since the movie has lost its relevance in modern culture.

Original YouTube description

Everything that has a beginning has a POOTIS

TF2 ost- Right Behind You (1:38)Dragonforce- Through the Fire and Flames (2:35)
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Lus | 07.11.2020

Это отсылка на Нэо?

V + II =

Example: I + II = 3