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The Adventures of Pootis-MAN. Episode 5

The Adventures of Pootis-MAN Pootis-MAN Garry's Mod Video 2014

Without any doubt, THE MOST ambitious thing I've ever done on YouTube. Hell, I've spent 1 year and a half on this. That's fucking insanity.
The original story for this video was very different. The beginning was pretty much the same, Pootis-MAN comes back home from a vacation and meets his dad. They talk a bit and descide to go "have some fun" and then they go... to a supermarket. They go shopping and after that a group of BLU Hobo Soldiers attack the supermarket. They take hostages and they threat to blow up the entire place. Of course Pootis-MAN and Pootis-DAD fight them and then they win and everyone is saved. The end.
The problem with this story was that... there were no suitable supermarket map for Garry's Mod. There was one very cool map, but it was buggy as hell. Everytime you saved a game on that map and load it, it duplicated EVERY SINGLE PROP ON THE MAP. Of course that did not go well with me and I started looking for another map only to find out... that map was the only descent Garry's Mod supermarket map in existance. Duh.
The only option I was left with was coming up with a different story, which you can see in the final product.
What took me so long to finish it? First, the ambitions, it was meant to be a big video, and as the filming went it became even bigger. Second, stop-motion animation. I didn't want animation to be too smooth, I thought it looks lame, and I wanted my video to look like stop-motion cartoons (some scenes were not stop-motion though, like the action scene in the very end). Third, I was really busy with college and I didn't have enough of free time to spend it on the video.
Was is it planned as the very last Pootis-MAN adventure? No, it wasn't. I just did not have a decent enough idea to continue the series. I don't see any point in contunuing the series if you can't bring anything new to the table. How can I outdo Episode 5? Just how?
That's the question I still don't have an answer for.

Original YouTube description

Okay, it seems I'm back. Not for long probably, blame my college. After 18 months of filming, editing and fixing my shitty PC the most big and ambitious video in history of this channel is finally here. This time Pootis-MAN and his batya will learn a valuable lesson of how you should not act on Oktoberfest. Watch and learn, kids, or someday evil blue soldiers might kidnap you while you're stoned. Music: Boney M - Rivers of Babylon (0:03) AC/DC - Girls Got Rhythm (1:22)
Muse - Soldier's Poem [Instrumental] (2:37)

I do not own any of these songs. YouTube, don't block this video pls. Do not even think about blocking this video. Do not even think about NOT blocking this video. Pls. ;_; Special thanks to these guys: BenSunhoof: GarryNobodyRus: Glinko: MennyRus: SERVELAT: Custom maps: (0:00) ctf_outset ( (1:29 ; 2:45) pl_jungle ( (1:35) pustynia ( (6:50 ; 8:50) cp_vertigo_beta3 ( (11:44) cp_2skyscraper ( Some semi-official posters by GarryNobodyRus (made in SFM): Russian subtitles by me :з English subtitles by BenSunhoof Spanish subtitles by elcompjr1 German subtitles by pootisgerman LP Polish subtitles by Erdamon The Owl Sniper Swedish subtitles by Army And Stuff Portuguese-BR subtitles by killerspring100 Croatian subtitles by Psycho Italian subtitles by Yasmine Richards Romanian subtitles by AmateurYoutuber French subtitles by Volt Voltinval Czech subtitles by [PA] The peace giver CZ Finnish subtitles by Creng Turkish subtitles by LordGhostTR Estonian subtitles by Markus Paluteder Ukrainian subtitles by джек «Agent 47» стивенсон
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Le Ruse Bird | 06.07.2020

Out of all the big long TF2 machinima projects I've seen, I still think this one is the best one.
Подпрапорщик | 15.07.2020

Хорошая вещь,наконец-то досмотрел. В своё время полностью не посмотрел, по какой причине уже не помню.
Zeitlos | 20.09.2020

Jesus Christ, thought I'll never watch this masterpiece with sound again. Totally deserves to be alive. 

You did well, pal. Keep it up, I believe in you! 

That Guy Brody | 23.01.2021

Holy hell this was awesome!

you rarely see scout as an awesome brave boi and this was an awesome version.

not sure if you are even thinking about another episode but man this is a good last episode if not.

obama the gay man | 16.02.2021

i piss u drink NOW!!!