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The Mask

The Mask Garry's Mod Video 2012

From zero to Hero
Music: TF 2 ost- Playing with Danger (0:00) Dragonforce- Through the Fire and Flames (Soldier earbuds music) (0:10) Royal Crown Revue - Hey Pachuco (0:49) the Mask OST- Cuban Pete (1:19) Dead or Alive- You Spin me Round (2:03) English subtitles by nonobaOMGWEEGEE2 Italian subtitles by arok93 French subtitles by tomatoto64 Polish subtitles by Krystian Beń, Malenki888 Dutch subtitles by TheRealDutchOwner Spanish subtitles by ElInventor the Mask-Spy EDITED skin (for TF2)
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SirXavier46 | 06.07.2020

A classic
Generalstupidity | 11.07.2020

Heavys what is my favorite what I ever heard lol