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Spy's Creed

Spy's Creed Garry's Mod Video 2012

Finally! :D DON'T read comments before watching! I think there are a lot of spoilers. Also, much better with HD and subtitles. Music: the Pink Panther Theme (0:16) Terry S. Taylor- the Weasel Chase (0:48) Jesper Kyd- Ezio's Family (1:25) TF2 OST- Archimedes (2:52) the Rolling Stones- (I Can't get no) Satisfaction (3:25) Paul Rahme - Comfortably Numb Piano Cover (4:24) the Champs- Tequila (4:52) Johny B. Goode (Back to the Future) (5:45) TF2 OST- A Little Heart to Heart (7:51) Tchaikovsky - the Seasons - April (8:32) Nick Arundel- It Was the Joker (8:44) Hans Zimmer- Gotham's Reckoning (9:35) Jimi Hendrix- Hey, Joe (10:01) TF2 OST- Art of War (10:13) Hans Zimmer- Waiting for a Train (10:39) Cream- Sunshine of your Love (11:17) Mafia II Pause Menu Theme (11:46) Pink Floyd- What Shall We Do Now? ('the Wall' Movie) (13:04) the Rolling Stones- Gimme Shelter (13:33) Jack Wall and Sam Hulick- Eden Prime (13:40) Hans Zimmer- Hotel Fight Scene (14:16) the Beatles- Let it Be (15:15) Swedish subtitles by sniper9999ify, SuperW00tman Spanish subtitles by Gageat17 French subttitles by octave38 Czech subtitles by Studio3337 Polish Subtitles by Patryk1023 Finnish subtitles by Fifteeth Turkish subtitles by WeeBassTR Portuguese subtitles by JoBits0 German subtitles by 3psilonTail Italian subtitiles by xLukeTube Dutch subtitles by Lee Everett Lithuanian subtitles by BattleNite Norwegian subtitles by Dayrian 20 Serbian subtitles BrightGames The subtitle file: Maps: 2Fort Night - Images: - MUST SEE! :3
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Mad Eye | 06.07.2020

This is a legendary video. I watched him as a child :D
Freaksay | 06.07.2020

U added lot of mafia 2 music Best video!!!!! 
K.V. | 07.07.2020

I sure hope that it's the original veraion, before the first copyright strike.
Glad to see the video player working perfectly. 
MisterMisteroO | 08.07.2020

@ K.V
Yep, that's the original. The only difference is the music in the credits though.
Some spanish guy | 29.07.2020

This was my childhood. Im a person from other country, we will never meet each other and even with that you still were part of my childhood. Thank you.

D-ray | 03.11.2020

Youtube do not deserve this video.

Buzz Alupan | 18.03.2021

Шедевр, пересматриваю хотя бы раз в год

Vodkek | 04.08.2021

 That Was A Great Video 

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