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Drug Effect

Drug Effect Garry's Mod Video Drugs 2012

This video is Nicolas Cage Music: TF 2 OST - Intruder Alert (0:03) the Neverhood OST- Potatoes, Tomatoes, Gravy and Peas (0:09) the Beatles - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (0:32) TF 2 OST- the Art of War (0:39) the A-Team Main Theme (0:46) Mass Effect 3 OST- An End Once and for All (1:13) the Beatles- Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (1:50) the Velvet Underground- Heroin (3:00) Pink Floyd- Atom Heart Mother Suite (Final Part) (3:10) Lynyrd Skynyrd- Free Bird (3:55) Foon foocts: - 1535 screenshots were made - Gmod 13 sucks Polish subtitles by Patryk1023 Finnish subtitles by Fifteeh Spanish subtitles by Gageat17 Czech subtitles by Cave Johnson Italian subtitles by kLucasTube German subtitles by 3psilonTail
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Danimal | 06.07.2020

Great effects man! Love the disorienting nature of it! Well done!
lamey | 06.07.2020

Блин помню смотрел твои видосы еще малым, спасибо за приятные воспоминания
bigboi223 | 20.07.2020


big russian man | 30.07.2020

юр видеос ар трэш

bruh | 05.08.2020


RetroSniperrus(YT) | 21.09.2020

I dont know why im asking about it. But im realy interested, where the hell you got this weird sound on 3:43

MisterMisteroO | 22.09.2020 A reply to RetroSniperrus(YT)

I can't remember exactly. I think I took a sample off The Velvet Underground - Heroin and applied a heavy vibrato effect to it.

GBN | 27.10.2020

Эх,были времена,когда по несколько раз пересматривал твои видосы(

P.S. you are the best men :>

Tatranka_Z_Moravy | 21.01.2021

Wait, the end means the drugs were on the table and he took medicine for intended use and everything was in real life? Holly poop 

MrGrinn | 05.09.2021

А Вы тоже заметили Никалая Кейджа на 1:53? Ну так вот. Он до сих пор бродит по миру снимаясь в фиговых фильмах. Выпьем же за Него

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