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Spy is Thinking Too Much

Spy is Thinking Too Much Collab Garry's Mod Video 2015

My entry for Kugawattan's 'Catch that Scout! Collab' (, which is breaking some rules apparently. And before you ask, it's Gmod combined with Adobe After Effects editing. Long boring 20-minutes videos with edgy characters and plot twists that do not make any sense you like so much are in production now. Well, at least one is, stay (not) tuned. Music: 0:01 - Sonic the Hedgehog OST - Green Hill Zone Theme 0:16 - Earthworm Jim (Sega CD) OST - What the Heck? 0:29 - Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames 16 Bit Edition (I mixed it in Vegas from these two, Mega Drive - / SNES - download mp3:
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Brogrammist | 07.07.2020

God yes this was my favourite entry in that collab
ABLOLBA | 24.10.2021

MP3 не тот что в видосе.

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