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Outtake Scraps 2011 Pootis-MAN

This was intended to be a scene for The Adventures of Pootis-MAN Episode 2. Pootis-MAN and his clones were robbing the Engineer's pumpkin farm (for fun of course, they are not criminals). I decided to cut it out becuase it kinda ruined the flow of the video, this scene was replaced with a montage of Pootis-MAN and two clone Heavies doing random shit.

The third episode had a different intro, initially. I decided that it's too overlong and too lame and then I had it cut. Also the creepy scene where Pootis-MAN stares into nothingness was way too out of place. I used the audio from it in my one and only ear rape video. The creepy scene was inspired by doctorheredoctor videos. I always admired their weird Gmod shit for some reason.
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