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The Matter of Taste [Scrapped project]

Scrapped Garry's Mod Video 2015

The title speaks for itself. The Matter of Taste was to be another "big video" of mine, during this year's summer I have been working on what you can see here. But alas, due to some unforeseen circumstances I will not be able to continue working on my project. This video was supposed to be a kind of a follow-up to one of my older movies - "Doctor Snaipar". It would tell us a story about Dad-Heavy and Son-Heavy and their hard relationship. Son got carried away by classic rock and he wants to become a photographer as well. Dad isn't very fond of his passion, as he wants to take his son to the musical conservatory, so he could become a devoted organ player. Because of Dad's inability to influence his son in such a fashion, Doctor Snaipar comes into play. Dad-Heavy offers Doctor to get inside Son's mind and change his childhood memories in such a way that he could play the organ by himself. Snaipar agrees, but not approving of this idea. After he enters Son-Heavy's mind, a grand adventure begins. A visit to Mother Russia (with balalaikas, Putin and vodka), fighting with devils and killing Justin Bieber included. The climax of the movie is an 'Interstellar' ripoff, to be more specific, the ending of the film in a black hole. Snaipar gets into Son-Heavy's childhood memories department, where memories are represented as bookshelves, behind each of which lies a room of Heavy. Snaipar flies closer to one of the book closets and sees a baby Heavy. He tries to reach out to him, but to no avail. You could have seen this scene in the beginning of the video, but from a different angle. We see it from the tiny Heavy's side in the beginning, and from Snaipar's side in the end. That's where the viewer is supposed to be mindfucked, like 'Oh! That's the scene from the start of the video, but from a different angle.' Something like that. Nonetheless, Snaiper gets to alter Son-Heavy's mind, but how these changes affected the timeline and whether Son decided to enter a conservatory is unknown. Dad-Heavy repents in the end after realizind changing his Son's memories is a bad idea after all, and Snaipar rides into the sunset leaving him face to face with his conscience. The song is 'Salt of the Earth' by The Rolling Stones. Here is some stuff related to the video (animation tests, art, etc.): Full dialogue between Dad and Son Bookshelves #1 Bookshelves #2 Concept art showing one of the action scenes Spy poster at 2:38
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Ahoj | 11.07.2020

I'd definitely watch it for the rock music references. And hey, you already are a kind of an artist, even though it's not photography or whatever :PP