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Joker SOCIETY Garry's Mod Video 2020

An over-dramatic "Joker" parody with vidyagame characters who speak in broken English. Music: Django Reinhardt - Minor Swing (1:00) The Beatles - I'm So Tired (2:07) Garry Glitter - Rock n Roll, Part 2 (5:37, 13:25) Tyler, The Creator - Gone Gone (6:09) Julie London - Fly me to the Moon (6:32) Swans - The Beautiful Days (9:45) The Microphones - Something #1 (10:14) Frank Sinatra - That's Life (11:58) Keith Mansfield - Funky Fanfare (15:11) Ellis Drane and his Jazz Orchestra - That's Life (Instrumental) (15:30) Hildur Guðnadóttir - Bathroom Dance (Joker Movie Score) (17:18) Cream - White Room (19:02) Evangelion wallpaper Maps used in this video (in order of appearence): sfm_apartment_public_build (Spy's apartment) ( TF2 Cafe (Office) ( gm_cinema (Cinema) ( stairs_society_a1 (Joker Stairs in the movie) ( Here are Spy Joker Textures in case you're interested to create a HEX or whatever.

Polish subtitles by Paweł Marks
Japanese subtitles by 動物裏番長
Spanish subtitles by YoasX
Korean subtitles by p0wered
Italian subtitles by Sallayn
Turkish subtitles by Kendi videosunu izlemeyen adam

YouTube doesn't show the full list of poeple who contribudted subtitles, so I can't list them here. Sorry about that.
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MisterMisteroO | 01.07.2020

your videos are trash
funny yellow dog - YouTube
[deleted] | 15.09.2020

MisterMisteroO | 17.07.2021 A reply to SpyCrab

Боюсь что я теперь на "гмодовской пенсии". Все заканчивается рано или поздно.

Bumble | 06.07.2020

I love your videos!
burhrhru | 06.07.2020

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LucKit | 06.07.2020

Awesome vids man! 
Sycolix | 06.07.2020

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Fenix Armory | 06.07.2020

Поздравляю с созданием своего сайта! Продолжайте творить! 
Nice job | 06.07.2020

Could i give you mine credit card number and email 
tacticalctublak | 06.07.2020

You get what you fucking Deserve!
A random mushroom | 06.07.2020

Don't mind me im just spreading spores
The Rick | 06.07.2020

Your videos buffer poorly. Like I would have the shittiest internet on Earth, which I don't. Sorry but it is unwatchable.
Satsu | 06.07.2020


123a | 06.07.2020

this is awesome
KonyTheDeer | 06.07.2020

Hello, very nice
Danimal | 06.07.2020

I loved this video when it first came out! So glad to see it again! Love your content! Keep up the good work mate!

@The Rick
I tried playing this video on computer, seems to be working more smoothly here. Seems like the videos aren't mobile friendly. I was also having issues playing from my phone
MisterMisteroO | 06.07.2020

@ The Rick
The videos are in 720p and they are not compressed, this seems to be the problem. I'll do what I can when I have time. Thanks for the feedback.
Halfswift | 06.07.2020

Didn't see this on youtube, but wow! 
Glad you made the video announcing this website.
DickSucker34 | 06.07.2020

My dick is bigger than yours.
Hello, nice video. | 06.07.2020

Hello, nice video by the way.

Username | 06.07.2020

Kino. Good stuff brotha
Username | 06.07.2020

Very good
Ploofer | 06.07.2020

I love my cat. 
jokerfan03 | 06.07.2020

wtf this isn't the joker
Joker 2 | 06.07.2020

Love the new website. Fuck youtube. Your treasures are safe here
Saggy tits | 06.07.2020

Society xd
. | 06.07.2020

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Мемный не мем | 06.07.2020

Твои видео хоть и TRASH, но зато КАЧЕСТВЕННЫЙ TRASH. Так держать, товарищ, желаю удачи в вертении на XYiю Ютруба

Red | 07.07.2020

Feel sorry about youtube blocking your videos.
Netflex | 08.07.2020

Wow is this the New Netflix ;O nice Video Men ;)

Anon | 08.07.2020

Youtube deletes the staple of youtube culture - youtube poops and gmod videos? nice.

I welcome the rise of web1.0, but it's gonna be harder to track new content on many authors websites, RSS feeds are going to be popular again, I guess?
quantum_sandwich | 08.07.2020

make game  
Ahoj | 11.07.2020

Hi, thx for reuploading, really nice ending (im serious)
MrTan | 12.07.2020

I like your video! 
Max Danielz Charcoal | 23.07.2020

It hurts to think about Google's blockade of the video on Youtube will limit the amount of people who'll watch this masterpiece...

NoahRules | 30.07.2020

You made your own Youtube. King move

anime dipshit | 06.08.2020

ur smart, cant get much money here, but still thats better than youtube,

also, this site obliged you to make more vids, taa-daa

spronke | 07.08.2020

nice vid king

Jimmy #1 | 10.08.2020

So glad you uploaded this video again on this site!!! Now, i can watch this over and over again!!! Awesome job on this video, MisterMisteroO!!!!! 

ter | 18.08.2020

i prefer this site to youtube really lmao

moloko | 17.09.2020

Can you do a milk review next time? Thanks in advance.

a person man | 18.09.2020

12:25... just testing...

Гришка | 25.10.2020

твои видосы прямо класс, настолько класс что просто класс. а этот видос как огурчик солёный. ты очень постарался и это замечательно. надеюсь у тебя всё будет хорошо. 

multgameslav | 18.11.2020

ENG: good job

RUS: хорошая робота

ProfessorDabstep | 25.11.2020

Hewo UwU




dreammaker | 23.01.2021


Никита Брусницын | 12.02.2021

Heyo. Good site to leave a videos without blocking shit. 

Re25 | 17.02.2021


Hiposkekkdjd | 08.05.2021

Let me guess, you left youtube

Как какать | 21.05.2021

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voland | 09.06.2021

sick videos m8

DeniedYourAss | 14.06.2021

⛔SUS AMOGUS⛔(idk why i write this,but i like ur vids)

handy | 29.06.2022

very nice video.I would like to make videos like you but my computer has a very bad system

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