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In 2017 there was another "big" video I wanted to make, it was called "Fingerprint file". It was a story about two private investigators (Heavy and Scout) following a trail of a murderer (Spy in a Pyro suit). The first version of the video was supposed to be a lighthearted action packed 10 to 15 minute Gmod video. When I started the production I realised that it will take me at least a year to finish the whole project, so changed the idea. You can see the result in the second video on this page. 
The second version of this video was supposed to be 5 to 7 minute video. It was moody and dark, but in a ironic way. I also renamed it to "Spin", because the spy was supposed to kill people with fidget spinners (so 2017).  Eventually, I got busy with some other things in my life and I lost any interest in making this video at all. The bit with the Instagram was later used in "Joker".

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Ahoj | 11.07.2020

Pls I wanna see the scene where someone is killed with a fidget spinner. I just wonder how that would work....
Кисело Зели | 16.01.2021

There's just the first scenes and I still love it

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